Sales, Marketing, and Business Strategist

Multi-passionate sales, marketing, and business professional with a focus on problem-solving, strategic planning, and driving change through data analytics for better performance and growth.

Hi! My name is Greg Dermond.

I’m a sales professional and have been involved in sales, marketing, finance, and business strategies for a number of years.

I strive and love to learn and fine tune my craft and interests. I believe in the pursuit of truth in the learning sense and never
thinking that oneself is a finished product.

In doing so, I have read hundreds of books, magazine articles and research documents over the years. Friends, business
associates, and colleagues of mine would come to me with questions on specific topics, and they eventually urged
me to share my thoughts and ideas on a public medium.

So, after I gave it some thought, here, I am.

My professional experience is in sales/ business development, marketing, and finance. My other interests and focus
(besides time spent with my family) for some years now has been in professional and personal development.
I’m also interested in getting better at writing/ blogging. So, I guess you can call me an eternal student. I’m
certainly not a “know-it-all” but can be considered a “learn-it-all.”